Electronics Workshop at Fablab Torino

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Electronics Workshop at Fablab Torino

I'm happy to inform you that, on the next 4 Tuesdays (20 and 27 March, 3 and 10 April) I'll be teaching an Electronics Workshop at the Fablab Torino.

During the workshop we'll be designing a remote control powered by an ATMEGA 328p, so this will be practically an Arduino remote control, which will have an accelerometer, some input buttons and communicate wireless using a Bluetooth module and with a rechargeable battery with associated recharging circuitry.

During the workshop we will be covering the theoretical and practical aspects of the project design, from component selection to functioning aspects of the various elements (eg the I2C bus, UART communication, device power designs, etc..)

We will design the device schematics and PCB using KiCad and in the last lesson we'll try to build and assemble a PCB using DIY methods.

For those of you happening to be around Turin, here is where to register. Hopefully, I'll have video recordings of the workshop which I hope to be able to post here in some weeks. See you there!

Bella Iniziativa Fabio Bravo !!!

Submitted by Redfox74 (not verified) on Wed, 2012-03-21 01:07.

Ciao Fabio,
l'idea di un corso di elettronica al Fablab e' un ottima iniziativa , l'altro giorno passando da Torino sono entrato a fare un giro , si respira un'aria di tanta voglia di fare :)
Bravi a tutti ... avanti cosi :)

Remember to publish videos!!!

Submitted by Ciskje (not verified) on Tue, 2012-03-20 14:58.

Remember to publish videos!!!