Electronics Workshop Lesson 2

Submitted by fabio on Wed, 2012-03-28 13:27.

LibreTooth Schematics

Yesterday we had the 2nd lesson of the Electronics Workshop I'm teaching at FabLab Torino.

In the workshop, I'm teaching how to design our own hardware using a simple Arduino based remote control as example. The project is called LibreMote, an open hardware remote controller containing an accelerometer, 5 input buttons and a battery which communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In lesson 1 we prototyped the device on a breadboard explaining the functioning of its various components and some theory around them.

In this lesson we designed the electronic schematics of LibreMote using KiCAD. In the attachment below you find the project schematics in PDF and the Kicad sources. The KiCAD sources ZIP also contains the various datasheets of some components we used.

A little note: while in the lessons we always talked about using 5 buttons, I decided to follow Franco's advice and using insted a 5 way joystick which will make everything much more cool ;-)

LibreTooth 5 way joystick

In the next lesson, starting from this schematics will design our LibreMote PCB. Will be fun!

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LibreMote-r1.zip1.39 MB