Electronics Workshop Lesson 3

Last updated on Sat, 2012-04-07 18:59. Originally submitted by fabio on 2012-04-04 11:55.

UPDATE 2012-04-07: I made some changes in the routing of the board to avoid the via below the RN42. This should simplify DIY etching of the board. The new revision r1.1 is attached below.

Yesterday we had the 3rd lesson of the Electronics Workshop I'm teaching at FabLab Torino.

During this lesson, starting from the electronic schematics from the previous lesson, we started routing our printed circuit board using KiCAD.

Firstly, we associated our schematics components to physical PCB footprints and then showed the basics of PCB routing with pcbnew, the PCB routing program from KiCAD.

Yesterday night, I completed the routing of the board and here is the result. See the attached files at the bottom of the page for Gerbers and updated KiCAD sources.

LibreMote r1 PCB 3D View

LibreMote r1 PCB Top View

LibreMote-r1.zip1.55 MB
LibreMote-r1.1.zip1.66 MB