Femtoduino on sale!

Last updated on Mon, 2012-04-23 11:51. Originally submitted by fabio on 2012-04-20 10:39.

Do you know Femtoduino, the smallest Arduino compatible board I designed some time ago?

Well, it's an ultra-small (20.7x15.2 mm) board with exactly the same computing power of the Arduino UNO/Duemilanove. Perfect if you are up for ultra small Arduino prototyping.

I released the designs as Open Hardware some time ago, and some brave people built their own Femtoduinos from the open designs.. however, I never decided to do a big batch of these.

But now, Alejandro from USA decided to be brave and organize a production run of 150 Femtoduinos.. I'm saying brave because he's going the hard way: hand assembling!

The boards can be bought from femtoduino.com and are already available for shipping. If you are up for very small Arduino prototyping, nothing is smaller than the Femtoduino!

Here are some pictures from Alejandro's boards..

Femtoduino is so small!

Femtoduino is so small!

Arduino Camp this weekend

Submitted by fabio on Wed, 2011-06-15 13:48.

This weekend (18-19 June 2011) I'll participate in the Arduino Camp Milano.. I'll bring there some of my projects: PALLA, FreeIMU and Femtoduino.

If you happen to be there, let me know. Looking forward knowing you in person.

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Femtoduino is Alive!

Submitted by fabio on Sat, 2011-01-29 17:22.

Femtoduino, my ultrasmall Arduino compatible board is alive! It's working great and looks really neat!

Here a presentation video of Femtoduino!

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First picture of Femtoduino, the smallest, lightest Arduino compatible board ever

Submitted by fabio on Fri, 2011-01-28 18:39.

First picture of Femtoduino

This is the first picture of Femtoduino, an ultra small Arduino compatible board.

Manually assembled by me, including 0402 capacitors and reflowed using a reflow oven and a hot air gun.

Soldering went smooth, even easier than I tought.. but I'm having problems uploading the bootloader. I'm able to query the ATMEGA using avrdude but I always get a programmer out of sync error when doing the real bootloader upload..

This will require some investigation.

UPDATE 2011-01-29:

It looks like the ArduinoISP sketch that I'm using to burn the bootloader on the ATMEGA 328p has problems under Linux.. so I had to use Win and it burnt it perfectly fine. Expect a demonstration video tomorrow. ;-)

PCBs are here! Today is delivery day!

Submitted by fabio on Mon, 2011-01-24 22:18.

Finally, the PCBs are here! I received the PCBs from the 10th January and from the 22th December ... lot of cool stuff!

Here we have:

  • FreeIMU v0.1
  • FreeIMU v0.2
  • Femtoduino v0.1
  • Femtoduino Breakout Board v0.1
  • I2C level converter & voltage regulator v0.1
  • ADXL345 brekout board
  • HMC5843 breakout board
  • ITG3200 breakout board

All the PCBs I received


FreeIMU v0.1

FreeIMU v0.2 top

FreeIMU v0.2 bottom

Femtoduino: designing an ultrasmall arduino compatible board with the ATMEGA 328P QFN/MLF32

Last updated on Wed, 2011-02-16 12:22. Originally submitted by fabio on 2010-12-29 15:45.

UPDATE 2011-02-16: Femtoduino has now its own project page where you will find all the design sources and all the informations on it.

As a personal learning exercise and challenge to myself, I designed an ultrasmall Arduino compatible board based on the ATMEGA 328P in the QFN/MLF32 package.

Using the smallest 328P uC currently available, very small package components (eg 0402 caps and resistors) and 0.05" headers I've been able to design an Arduino compatible board which is only 20.7x15.2 mm.

Given that the Arduino Pro Mini, currently the smallest Arduino board available, is 34x18 mm and I restricted myself to use a 2 side PCB, I think I accomplished a pretty good result.

I called this board Femtoduino. Have a look at the schematics. Of course this will be a free (as in speech) hardware.

Femtoduino PCB desing

I plan to submit this board to the DorkbotPDX group PCB order of the 3rd January and I'm currently looking for reviews for the project. So, if you have knowledge of this topics please have a look at the Femtoduino designs.

You can get the Kicad sources (as of 30-12-2010) from the attachments below. I'm using a weekly updated version of Kicad, so if you have problems with older versions of Kicad you can try use a recent snapshot for Windows or Ubuntu 10.10.

You can get the most updated sources from my personal repository using bzr with the following command:

bzr co http://repository.varesano.net/Femtoduino

Thanks for your help!

UPDATE 2011-01-28:

I've been able to reflow solder femtoduino and all it's components, including 0402 capacitors! See a picture of Femtoduino!

UPDATE 2011-01-29:

Femtoduino is alive!