A libre breakout board for the MS5611-01BA high resolution altimeter sensor

As a first step in the development of FreeIMU v0.4, I’m starting my first steps with the MS5611-01BA high resolution altimeter sensor. According to its datasheet, this chip looks extremely accurate as it’s capable of a 10 cm resolution in altitude estimation.

I already sorted out most of its electrical connections when I drafted the first designs of FreeIMU v0.4, however I wanted to start testing it before having FreeIMU v0.4 PCBs ready, just to start experiencing a little with it.

So, I designed a very simple breakout board for it. I tried to keep the design as simple as possible to allow etching a PCB from it, something I’ll try in the next days. For this design I choose to use the I2C bus as it’s the one I’m more experienced with, however the chip also supports SPI.

You can find the schematics in the attachments below. The KiCAD designs of the breakout board for the MS5611-01BA, released under CC-BY-SA, on my personal repository using Bazaar (bzr), with the following command:

bzr co http://repository.varesano.net/LibreBB_MS5611-01BA/ 

Below a picture of it.

LibreBB_MS5611-01BA_schematics.pdf20.78 KB
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