A new homebrew DIY breakout board PCB for the ADXL345 accelerometer

Some time ago I created my first homebrew breakout board PCB for an ADXL345 accelerometer. After getting more experienced and testing the whole procedure some times I created a new and improved version.

In the attachments below you find all the Kicad sources needed to edit the design or printing the design by yourself.

All the designs are released under the Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence.

To show you how this works I created a video description:

The programs run in the video are available on this page attachments and are an adaptation of this great introduction to the ADXL345 accelerometer on http://codeyoung.blogspot.com/.

This is a screenshot of the kicad PCB design:

Below two pictures of the top and bottom of the breakout board PCB:

These picture of the ADXL345 to Arduino connection might also be useful:

ADXL345 breakout board kicad sources174.71 KB
Arduino Code for the ADXL345 example in the video1.57 KB
Processing Code for the ADXL345 example in the video995 bytes
ADXL345 breakout board Schematics9.95 KB
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