My name is Fabio Varesano. I’m a 28 years old guy from Torino, Italy.

I’m currently a Ph.D student at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Torino, the same University from which I got degreed with a Bachelor of Science and with a cum laude Master of Science. My research interests focus on novel techniques for human-computer interaction, with a special interest in tangible user interfaces and inertial/magnetic sensors.

A part from my main job, I also offer my good knowledge in many different fields of computer science as a freelance consultant. It’s quite usual finding me designing websites, computer LANs, maintaining webservers, writing custom software, etc. I’m specialized in website development using Drupal, a libre software content management system.

If you need more informations about my work experience please read my curriculum vitae or visit my LinkedIn profile.

I do believe in collaboration between people, in the libre circulation and sharing of ideas, contents, software and thus freedoms. I’m a libre software and technologies supporter and developer. I do share the freedom ideals of projects such as GNU and Creative commons and I’m convinced that, if everyone would positively share, we would probably live in a better world.

In my personal life, you can find me hanging out with my girlfriend, reading about the awful things happening in Italy’s politics, traveling the world in search of waves for my surf board, snowboarding in the mountains or rollerblading the streets around my house.

About this website

On this website, varesano.net you find a not very well organized blog about my works. I usually blog about many different things I do, both during my work as researcher or as consultant, but I also blog about other casual things. I’m not usual to talk about personal stuff.

The website offers an RSS feed you can subscribe to stay updated with the new contents published here.

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