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Are You On the Fence About Digital Marketing for Your Business?

When small businesses first begin, their primary focus is usually on how to get their first buyers through the door. They may use traditional advertising methods such as print advertising, coupon mailers, or even display ads. Businesses may presume that because they provide a high quality product or service, customers will come to them. While this tactic may bring in a small amount of revenue, there is a quicker and easier way. Small businesses should think about the globalised economy of prospects online and reap the benefits of combining digital and traditional marketing. No small business, no matter how new, should overlook online platforms as a source of leads and the conversion of interest into customers.

Remember that your customers are online too

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Fifty years ago, you would just walk into a shop if you wanted to buy something. Woe to you if what you needed was sold at an outlet far from home. However, shopping is a whole different ball game today. People hardly go to physical outlets anymore, not if they have the option to purchase online. Sure, if the shop is close by then they might opt for that because the factor of time is eliminated. However, if you ask someone if they would rather pay a much cheaper price or wait a couple of days for something, you can pretty much guarantee that they would choose the former. 

The older generation might stick to actual outlets, especially for the big ticket items like televisions, washing machines and air conditioners because they are able to see and touch the items before making their decision. The younger generation, however, are more tech savvy. They can find the best deals online and get their appliances for lower prices. That is why big e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada have rather frequent sales and always have an abundance of discounts and vouchers up for grabs, to entice customers to their sites. 

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Not only that, their advertisements seem to play before many videos on Youtube, blinking posters can be seen in random search pages and social media is a hot bed for their promotions and adverts. How smart is that? Their ads are so sensitive to touch that sometimes people do not even realise that they have clicked on an ad and before they know it, they are browsing through all the items for sale. Everything moves forward not backward, if many people are turning online for their shopping needs, it will only increase in the future. The wise thing to do would be to jump on the bandwagon and take a lesson from what the big companies are doing to gain business. 

Keep an eye on your competitors

How many companies out there sell air conditioners? No, not how many companies make them, but how many companies sell them? Truth be told, there are too many to even attempt to count. A simple Google search will show you that that is a fact. This is the first hurdle to jump when you are selling something that hundreds of other people sell. How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? What are they doing to drum up business? How can you attract more people to your business? These are the questions that you should be asking. Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing and just going with the majority, look at what stands out from the crowd. 

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? 

This is simple yet difficult. In order to set yourself apart from others, you need to take that leap of faith. You need to change with the times. Print media is not it in today’s world, nobody even reads physical newspapers. The internet is the life blood. It connects everybody to each other. Use it for your gain and you can succeed. For example, some companies use blogs like Teh Talk to advertise promotions and giveaways. Articles are written about the companies and what they are offering and the article catches your eye as soon as you enter the page. Don’t do what every other seller is doing, go beyond and do what nobody else is doing. After all, which one do you think people will remember?

What are they doing to drum up business? 

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Look to your competitors, and pay attention to what they are doing. The saying goes ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. Are they using Facebook to advertise and is it working? You can use their failures as your lesson. You can know what to use and what to avoid just by looking at your competitors. 

How can you attract more people to your business?

You need to be one step ahead at all times. Don’t be complacent and let others make the splashy online ads that get people talking, take the plunge yourself. Any publicity is good publicity because as long as people are talking about you, they will remember you. So, make sure your marketing tactics are memorable and not old news. 

Let your customers come to you

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This is a major perk of using digital marketing. Decades ago, people had to leave flyers in mailboxes but today, you can advertise your products to millions of people at the same time with a catchy and flashy advertisement on television. You can pull people to your online outlet with an attached link. You have the power of letting your customers come to you. If your marketing is good enough, you can sell people things that they didn’t even realise they wanted. Utilising digital marketing pulls the consumer to your doorstep. Something you did attracted them to you and all you need to do is hold it. If your products and services are as good as you say, then it won’t be hard to get the buzz going and soon, people will be flocking to your website. 


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Online advertising can help you extend your budget further and fine tune your target audience. Blogging websites like Teh Talk can be quite beneficial as you can advertise multiple promotions in a single, easy to read article.  Social media is especially useful for this as well because it allows you to set a daily allowance for a specific audience interested in your brand.  Most pertinently, it allows your company to exclude customers who will never buy from you. Now that interested parties are aware of you and your business, all that’s left is to ensure a positive first experience and they will keep coming on their own. 

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