FreeIMU Community Website Online

I’m happy to inform you that I’ve finally created a community website for the FreeIMU project. You can see it at

Right now, it’s a simple forum website built on top of Drupal with still a pretty crude graphic.. I decided to use Drupal instead of other forum specific platforms (SMF, phpBB, vBulletin, etc..) because ideally this website will evolve to the main source of information for the FreeIMU project thus a simple forum wouldn’t have been enough.

In the future, I’ll be slowly moving the content of the FreeIMU webpage there and possibly extend it. I’ll also add other features like wiki, documentation pages, etc..

So, if you are using FreeIMU and you wanna join the discussion, please join me and register at!

(Please post something: it’s really depressing all empty like that!)

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