MultiWii quadcopter software getting awesome

Submitted by fabio on Thu, 2012-07-26 16:48.

The past months have been characterized by many big news in the quadcopter and multirotors world. The arrive of many 32bit software and hardware platforms has been seen by many as the upcoming death of the 8bit flying controllers (read Arduinos).

While this may be true eventually in the next years, there is still many people working on 8bit flying controllers, producing great code and awesome results.

I’m obviously talking about MultiWii, even if based upon simple 8bit Arduinos, with limited memory and performance, it is still improving and providing awesome results. It’s not unusual to see MultiWii copters flying much better than fancy 32bit ones.

Since I’m a big fan of MultiWii, I’d like to thank all the developers and the testers of this firmware. Thanks guys!

I’ll finish this post with a great new video from my friend Warthox, one of the best quadcopter pilots around. He shows us his perfectly trimmed copter, using custom firmware ESCs, with the new GPS and altitude hold features and improvements.. and of course, he uses a FreeIMU!

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