Preview of FreeIMU v0.3

Ok, I’m back hacking after a couple of months of hard work on the thesis which has been completed and submitted to the committee. 7 or 8 April degree! I still have to realize all of this..

Well, after a couple of days of relax I’m back to my regular hacking and I’ve been able to assemble the very first FreeIMU v0.3.

FreeIMU is my libre inertial measurement unit which I developed during my thesis. For all the informations please visit FreeIMU project page.

FreeIMU v0.3 is the latest version of FreeIMU which includes the ADXL346, the HMC5883L and the ITG3200. Initial test have been successful but I’m testing it.

So, here you have a couple of pictures:

FreeIMU v0.3 bottom view

I also made a quick video of FreeIMU v0.3

In this revision, I made some changes in the components used for the voltage level translation. It seems that the results are great. This is the signal quality of the SCL line running at 400KHz through the integrated logic level converter of FreeIMU v0.3.

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